First time

The first time is a unique moment, so enjoy …!

First, I recommend wearing a comfortable outfit, dancing barefoot during the course (unless special needs) and bring your bottle of water.

Then the class always starts with a 45-minute warm-up in music and without instructions. This moment is an opportunity to relax after the day has passed, to stretch and to listen to yourself. It can be experienced as an SAS, a transition between the past day and the beginning of the wave of 5 rhythms with instructions.

Moreover, in order to respect each person in their dance, I ask the group to take care to preserve a maximum silence during the course.

As for music, it is a medium … as Gabrielle Roth said so well « it’s the music that dances you and not you who dance to the music ». It is therefore possible not to love one of them.

This practice is not aimed at aesthetic or artistic results. No dance experience is required.

Welcome everyone as you are