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My life experiences enriched me and gave me a benevolent and nonjudgmental look on life and people. Each step has allowed me to go further in my own limits and expand my vision of the world but also to better understand the human being … A path that inspires my dance and my teaching. My sensitivity is expressed through my intimate relationship with nature, animals and especially horses that allow me to touch on another dimension of the dance of 5 Rhythms, where what is communicated always passes through the body and emotions. My past occupation has led me to be in permanent contact with elderly people at the end of their life with Alzheimer’s disease. In this world where the meaning of life is lived from day to day and where the landmarks are constantly lost, my lyrical soul has brought lightness, joy, creativity … .and I received as much as I I gave.

I want to nourish my teaching with the same qualities to offer a safe and warm environment.